Top 10 Best Places to visit in Ooty 2021

Hello readers… how are you? … I know you guys are spectacular, fit, and healthy. Okay so I believe you guys are bored in this lockdown … so is there any plan for fun… of course we need some fun after lockdowns right? … How about a trip to “Queen of Hills”… confused? Don’t worry I’m here for you, I will tell you … the “Queen of Hills” is also famous for by another name any guesses?… yes, you are right OOTY, one of the most beautiful and spectacular towns in Tamil Nadu … feeling excited everybody… I too so let’s not waste time because it’s time for exploring. So let’s know a bit about OOTY.

So our beautiful city is also known as Udagamandalam and Ootacamund. It is located around 86 km of Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)… OOTY is generally famous for gardens, parks, dams, lakes, and forests.

So what is Ooty, if we don’t taste the fabulous food there, so here are some delicious meals that you can taste- Avial, Pastries and bread, Farm fresh Strawberries, Dosa, Pongal, Vada Chutney, and Idli. I know you guys mouth-watering.

Okay so after knowing mouth-watering foods it’s time to know some folk dances of OOTY so here it is-Bharatnatyam, Bamber Dance, Karagattam, Kavadi Aattam, Devaraattam, Kolattam or Kazhi Aattam, Kazha Kothu, Mayil Aattam or Peacock Dance, Ottan Koothu, and many other dances that you enjoy in OOTY.


Here the time comes, we are going to explore many places that you can visit in OOTY, the list is given below…so tighten your seat belts gentlemen and women … OOTY here we come.

  • Ooty Lake
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway
  • Avalanche Lake
  • Botanical Garden
  • Doddabetta Peak
  • Kalhatty Waterfalls
  • Dolphins Nose
  • Mudumalai National Park
  • Tiger Hill
  • Ooty Boat House


Ooty Lake
Ooty Lake

Okay everybody it’s time to spend quality time with your loved partner or with your family, with peace and harmony… so here it is the famous lake in Ooty called OOTY LAKE.

In this place you guys won’t believe me, that the views from this lake are so awesome, you can witness mountains which touches the sky, long Ooty trees with a cool mind-blowing lake where you can also do boat ridding there and if you are a flower lover then you can witness a beautiful red, yellow flowers which are planted in both sides of the walking area which goes towards the lakeside and benches were also there so that you can rest.

I would recommend you guys that you should visit this beautiful lake, to witness these beautiful mountains and rivers… don’t forget to take your cameras.


Nilgiri Mountain Rail
Nilgiri Mountain Rail

You guys might be excited, to know that what is this Nilgiri mountain railway? Don’t worry I’ll tell you about this, Nilgiri mountain railway is one of the most beautiful railways because its train runs from Mettupalayam to the Nilgiri Hills, which shows, the most peaceful scenes on the way.

When you travel on this train you will witness tunnels, mountains, and most beautiful architectural bridges, in which trains move on it, and trust me guys when you travel from this railway you are goanna thank me to tell you about this amazing Railway, but of course, you need to book the tickets for it, to enjoy something you need to spend some money on it.

C’mon, guys don’t overthink just go for it.


Avalanche Lake
Avalanche Lake

You know what after visiting that OOTY Lake … I have a strong feeling that we should visit another beautiful lake what do you say? I know you can’t deny it… so here it is another beautiful lake in Ooty called Avalanche lake. This lake is located around 28 km from Ooty in the district called Nilgiris hills.

Now the special thing about this lake is that you can enjoy the scenes of mountains with small plants and trees…the best part is that you can take selfies for creating beautiful memories with your loved ones.

So I hope you will visit this beautiful lake to have the best time of your life.


Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden

Okay everybody after visiting the amazing lake it’s time to spend some time in the gardens… yes you guessed right the place that we are going to explore is a famous garden in Ooty called BOTANICAL GARDEN. This garden is located in Udhagamandalam, near Coimbatore. The botanical garden is nothing but a beautiful garden which is a collection, preservation, and cultivation of different plants and flowers.

I would personally recommend you to visit this place because you will witness various plants and beautiful flowers which have been given various shapes to it as well as they have some historical items which you can experience there, and trust me guys you are gonna love it.

Enjoy your time with this beautiful garden.


Doddabetta Peak
Doddabetta Peak

Are you guys ready to visit the highest mountain? So here we go Doddabeta peak is one of the highest peaks in the Nilgiri Mountains. It is situated around 9 km from Ooty, on the road called Ooty-Katagiri.

This peak is famous for its flora (plants), which shows the greenery of this mountain and this makes it different from other peaks. When you visit this mountain you will feel that you are visited in heaven, the trees, the silent roads without any noise of honking, it’s so peaceful.

I hope you will visit this beautiful peak to experience this peaceful and calm environment.


Kalhatty Waterfalls
Kalhatty Waterfalls

Okay everybody it’s time for some water splash! The place which we are going to explore after visiting a beautiful peak is Kalhatty waterfalls. This waterfall is also famous by its name called Bird Watcher’s Falls, which becomes a wonderful tourist spot. This waterfall is located near the Ooty (around 13 km) in the Nilgiri hills.

The best part of this waterfall is that, not only waterfalls you can witness various animals and birds, which increases the beauty of these waterfalls.

I know you guys visit this waterfall which is surrounded by nature and yeah one more thing don’t forget your camera.


Dolphins Nose
Dolphins Nose

Okay everybody, are you ready to catch a gorgeous view of the mountain? Then here, I’m presenting you the most beautiful viewpoint where you can witness different mountains, the viewpoint is called a dolphin nose. This point is located around 12 km away from Coonoor.

When you visit this Dolphin nose point you will feel that you are blessed with Mother Nature, I’m saying this because the view of green mountains and the birds that are flying in a particular form, looks so beautiful.

I would personally recommend that you should visit this viewpoint to enjoy the above-mentioned things by yourself.


Mudumalayi National Park
Mudumalai National Park

So after catching an amazing view of the mountain it’s time for visiting a wildlife sanctuary and a national park called Mudumalayi national park. This national park is located around 150 kilometers of Coimbatore city, in Tamil Nadu.

This sanctuary is divided into five important ranges called- Masinagudi, Mudumalai, Kargudi, Nellakota, and Thepakadu. This national park is home to various endangered and valuable wildlife which are soon going to be extinct, this sanctuary shows the importance of this wildlife.

Make sure to visit this sanctuary to know their importance of existence in this world.


Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill

Okay everybody I have another viewpoint in Ooty called Tiger hill which is located around 6 km away from the city center, where you can witness awesome sunrise there.

Not only sunrise you can also do camping there if you are lucky you can witness different birds and animals there, if you love trekking then this place is the best suited for you.

I hope you will visit this amazing viewpoint to experience hilly scenes with camping and with the natural environment.


Ooty Boat House
Ooty Boat House

Do you ever experience boathouse travel? No, then no worries you can do it now in Ooty boathouse. This boathouse is located around 1km near the Ooty bus stand. This boathouse runs in Ooty lake.

Ooty lake is an artificial lake which is made with various trees in its surroundings, which increases its beauty. In this lake, you can experience a boathouse but of course, you need to pay for it. As I said earlier if you want to enjoy something you need to spend some money on it.

Okay so just go for it and visit this place to enjoy the artificial lake in a boathouse.

So here we are ending our trip to this beautiful town OOTY. I hope you love this trip. And I also hope that you will capture many memories of this trip because we travel not only to explore but also to spend some time with our loved ones.

See you there on the next trip till then… HAPPY JOURNEY… keep smiling, keep loving and keep it simple.

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