Top 11 Best Places to visit in Kolkata You Must Visit in 2021

A warm welcome to everyone… I hope you guys are fit healthy and happy. A nice autumn season is on the way, after, all this stress, workloads, and busy life, I think you guys need some break and some change in your busy environment, so to reduce this workload pressure I have an idea! Let’s have an autumn special trip, the city that we are going to discuss is known as “the city of joy” do you have any guesses what will be the name of that city? C’mon try…bingo!… you guessed right KOLKATA. So let’s explore another city in our mother country.

So before we explore different places to visit in Kolkata, first, we should know a bit about we go. Kolkata is formally called Calcutta, which is the capital of West Bengal. This city is located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River, the best part is that The word Kolkata derives from the Bengali word called Kôlikata.

The famous foods in Kolkata that make you mouth-watering were-Puchkas, Ghugni Chaat Kathi Rolls, Lucchi & Alu Dom, Mughlai Parathas, Desi Chinese, Dragon Chicken, Kachori, Tela Bhaja, Doodh Cola, and Pav Bhaaji.

Okay now it’s time to visit some popular places in Kolkata, so here is the list of that places:


  • Victoria Memorial
  • Howrah Bridge
  • Dakeshineswar Kali Temple
  • Indian Museum
  • Birla Planetarium
  • Eden Gardens
  • Birla Mandir
  • Science City
  • Eco-park
  • Nicco Park
  • Zoological Garden, Alipore


Victoria Memorial
Victoria Memorial

Okay so victoria memorial is a large marble building in Kolkata, which was built between 1906 and 1921, and the best part is that it is dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria.

Not only this you will find it quite impressive that this building also consists of 25 galleries, in which Royal gallery and Calcutta gallery is very has the largest collection of very rare antique books of different famous authors. So when you visit Kolkata then you should visit this place also.


Howrah Bridge
Howrah Bridge

So after visiting a building with historical galleries, let’s visit a bridge called Howrah Bridge. Howrah Bridge is a cantilever bridge over the river Hooghly in West Bengal, this bridge is one of the most famous symbols of Kolkata in West Bengal.

You know when you visit this bridge you will find cool and gentle air which flows towards you that makes you calm and peace, which will further reduce your stress and tension.



Okay, everybody after visiting Howrah bridge, it’s time to create some time for our goddesses … yes you guessed’s a temple that we are going to visit called Dakshineswar kali temple. it is a Hindu Navaratna temple located at Dakshineswar, which is situated on the Hooghly River. This temple is also known as Adishakti Kalika.

My personal recommendation to all of you that, you should visit this temple once when you visit this holy temple to be blessed by Adishakti Kalika.


Indian Museum
Indian Museum

After visiting the temple, let’s add some historical museums to our trip. Indian Museum is also called as Imperial Museum at Calcutta. We can say that it is the ninth oldest museum in the world and the largest museum in India. This museum is founded by the Asiatic Society of Bengal.

In this Museum you can witness Indian art, archaeology, anthropology, geology, and many other ancient things that you can experience.


Birla Planetrium
Birla Planetrium

Birla planetarium is a single circular structure designed in the Indian style, whose architecture is loosely styled on the Buddhist Stupa at Stanchi. This architecture is the largest in Asia and the second largest Planetarium in the world.

Now you guys might be interested in knowing the date of its inauguration it was on 2 July 1963 by our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This also can be a reason for its famous.


Eden Garden Stadium
Eden Garden Stadium

If you are a cricket lover then this place is the best suited for you. Eden Gardens is one of the oldest cricket grounds in is the second-largest ground in India and the third largest in the world.

It is also believed that this ground is the home of Indian cricket. So I wanted to say that if you have a craze in cricket then you must visit this largest cricket ground.


Birla Mandir
Birla Mandir

After visiting the largest cricket ground, let’s visit a popular temple called Birla Mandir. It is a Hindu temple which is located on Asutosh Chowdhury Avenue and it is built by Birla Family.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. You must visit this temple so that you can also be one of the luckiest peoples who is blessed by Lord Krishna and Radha.


Science City
Science City

If you love science then you will be happy to know that there is the largest science center in Kolkata in the subcontinent named a science city.

The best part is that you can witness various exhibitions in this science city, not only this you can visit the earth exploration hall, Dynamotion hall and space odyssey, which will make you think about how amazing science is, do visit this city.


Eco Park
Eco Park

Okay everybody after visiting the historical fort, now it’s time to visit a park called Eco Park. Eco Park is also known as Prakriti Tirtha. It is an urban park and the biggest park so far in Kolkata, India. This park is situated over 480 acres and surrounded by 104 acres of waterbody with an island in the middle.

Not only this you can visit nearby places like- Glass House on Sabuj Sathi, Lake Front Promenade, Seven Wonders Replica, Rose Garden, Artist’s Cottage, Bamboo Garden, Musical Fountain, Tea Garden and many other places that you can witness in this eco-park.


Nicco Park
Nicco Park

Hey guys after witnessing an amazing park, now let’s have some water splash! Yes, guys….let’s visit an amusement park called Nicco park. this park is located in Jheel- Meel, sector- 4 of salt lake city, Kolkata, West Bengal. This amazing park is opened on October 13 1991 and it is been referred to as the Disneyland of West Bengal.

You know the best thing is that not only you enjoy the rides but you will also able to learn how the rides were working. In this park, you will find that there are thirty-five rides by including the toy train. So stop thinking and go for it.


Zoological Garden
Zoological Garden

After having fun in an amusement park, you can visit a zoo called Zoological Garden also known as Alipore zoo. It is India’s oldest zoological park. This place is considered the highest tourist attraction in Kolkata. This zoo was opened in the year 1876 which covers 18.811 hectares.

The best time to visit this zoo is in the winter season, you can witness animals like the royal Bengal tiger, African lion, Asiatic lion, jaguar, hippopotamus, giraffe, and Indian elephant, so don’t miss this golden opportunity, make sure you visit this garden.

So here it is guys..we are ending our trip I hope you enjoy the trip by visiting above mentioned places ..see you there in Kolkata…till then keep smiling and keep growing.

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