Places to visit in Kashmir That You Must Visit in 2021

Hello adventurers….what’s up… I hope you and your family is fit and fine.. okay so it’s mid-September…are you guys planning to sit at home?..of course not.. we are adventurers, we can’t sit at home idly ….we are here to explore various places in our country.. so in this mid- September … we are going to explore a state which is known as “HEAVEN ON THE EARTH”. Yes, you read correctly.. any guesses what will be the name of that place…bingo! You guessed right KASHMIR. Let’s explore Kashmir by knowing a bit of it and places that we can explore.

Kashmir is located in the north most geographical region of the Indian subcontinent. Kashmir is generally known for its valley which is called Kashmir valley. The best part of Kashmir is the mountains which are covered with snow in winter times. The lakes, the forest, and that gentle cold air that blows with Kashmir’s culture fragrance in it, it’s so peaceful that you guys might forget all the tensions and stress of your life.

Kashmir is the only state in India where the majority of Muslims were living. Okay, so the foods which are famous in Kashmir were- Mutton Rogan Josh, Yogurt Lamb Curry, Paneer Chaman, Kashmiri saag, Khatte Baingan, Dum Aloo, and Kashmiri Style Mutton Ribs.

You know the traditional clothes which Kashmiri people wear are so awesome and beautiful. Not only clothes there folk dances like Kud Dance, Dumhal Dance, Rouf Dance, Bhand Pather, Bachha Nagma, Hafiza Dance, Bhand Jashan, and Wuegi-Nachum are so famous in India.


Okay everyone so the most awaiting moment that you guys are waiting to explore the places of Kashmir now comes. Here the list that you can explore in Kashmir.

  • Jama Masjid
  • Dal lake
  • Chashme Shahi
  • Nigeen Lake
  • Dachigam national park
  • Dras
  • Hazratbal
  • Sonamarg
  • Shiv Khori
  • Khanqah-e-Moula:
  • Srinagar
  • Kupwara
  • Kathua
  • Kargil
  • Pahalgam
  • Gulmarg


Jama Masjid Kashmir
Jama Masjid Kashmir

Okay everyone we all believe that before starting something new we should be blessed by our god, so in our trip also we are starting our trip by visiting a famous mosque called Jama Masjid. Jama Masjid is located in Nowhatta which is in the middle of the old city. This mosque is built by Sultan Sikandar in 1400 AD.

The best part of this masjid was that it has 370 wooden pillars, with amazing architecture, which attracts many tourists. So I think you should see with your own eyes… it’s so beautiful and if you are visiting this mosque, then I recommend you to visit on Friday, they believe it is the holiest day to visit a mosque.


Dal Lake
Dal Lake

Okay everyone after visiting the holiest place, now let’s explore one of the famous lakes called Dal lake. This lake is located in the Srinagar, this lake is also called as “lake of flowers”… not only this, dal lake is famous for its fishing and water plant harvesting. This lake is actually formed from 5 basins, those basins are Nehru Park, Nishat, Hazratbal, Nagin, and Brari.

The various nine interesting things that you can do in this lake were-Shikara lake, houseboat stay, sunset at the lake, floating market, Mughal gardens, fishing and walk around, Hazaratbal and Char Minar. Trust me guys you are gonna love these things, while with your family.
I hope you will visit this beautiful lake for capturing scenic views and mountain views, see you there in Dal lake.


Chashme Shahi
Chashme Shahi

Okay everybody it’s time to explore one of the famous gardens called Chashme shahi. It is the smallest one of the three gardens of Mughal gardens which are situated in Kashmir. The translation of the name “Chasme Shahi” is “The Royal Spring”.

The best part of this garden is that it presents Mughal Architecture, this is one of the reasons for its famous. The design of this garden is based on Persian gardens. This garden is built around the freshwater spring which flows down in terraces which catches tourist attention and it is discovered by Rupa Bhawani.


Nigeen Lake
Nigeen Lake

Okay everyone after witnessing an amazing garden now it’s time to visit some lakes so that you can sit nearby the lake by keeping your mind calm. The name of this lake is Nigeen lake, which is situated in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir.

It is also spelled as “Nageena” Lake which means “the jewel in the ring”. This lake is surrounded by a large number of willow and poplar trees. When you visit this lake you will be considered lucky.


Dachigam National Park
Dachigam National Park

After visiting the amazing lake, why don’t we explore a national park?…yes I know you are excited, then let’s visit one of the famous national parks of Kashmir called Dachingam National Park. This park is situated around 22 kilometers from Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir.

When you visit this park you will be amazed by various flora (plants) and fauna (animals). You can witness various animals and birds like musk deer, leopard cat, jackal, woodpecker, black bulbul, and wagtail, make sure you visit this amazing national park. See you there.

6. DRAS:


What is fun in Kashmir without trekking…yes you are right… the place that I’m going to discuss is Dras. This is also called Drass. It is a tourist hub, because of its high altitude trekking path and various tourist sites. In other words, we can say that it is a hill station which is located in the Kargil district of Ladakh in India.

So I wanted to say that if you are interested in trekking then you can have an adventure trip in this small town with an awesome mountain valley view. Best wishes for your trekking.



Okay everybody after visiting a small town in Kashmir, let’s visit another holy place called Hazaratbal Shrine. It is one of the most famous shrines in Kashmir. The meaning of “Hazaratbal Shrine” is “Majestic place”. This holy shrine is situated on the Northern bank of Dal Lake and The word “Hazarat” means “Respected” and the word “Bal” means “place”.

It is the place where we can purify our souls by visiting this beautiful shrine, so make sure you don’t miss this holy place. You can visit this shrine anytime between March and October.



After visiting the holy shrine, let’s visit the “meadow of gold” (meadow means field of grass and flower.)… I.e. Sonamarg. You can also spell as Sonmarg. It is a hill station which is situated in the Ganderbal district of Kashmir.

The things that you can do in this route is trekking, capturing beautiful mountain views and you can witness various lakes in the path like Gangabal Lake, Krishansar Lake, and many other lakes. So I’m recommending you add this route to your trip.


Shiv Khori
Shiv Khori

Okay everybody by the heading you may have a bit idea which place we are going to explore now, yeah you guessed right we are going to a Hindu temple that is dedicated to lord shiva. Actually, it is a cave where the sculpture of Lord Shiva is placed under the cave.

I know it’s interesting, but it will be magical when you enter the cave for the blessing of Lord Shiva, it’s so peaceful and calm, it is located in the Reasi district of Kashmir, so just make your mood and witness this holy place.



What a peaceful cave that was, I mean that Shiv Kohri, but still we need a bit more holy place to visit I’m I right? Then, let’s not waste time, here I’m presenting you with another holy place called Khanqah-e-Moula. Khanqah-e-Moula is a mosque that is also famous as Shah-e-Hamadan Masjid. This holy place is situated in the Old City of Srinagar in Kashmir, India.

The magical thing about this mosque is that it consists of fine wooden architecture, which looks so fabulous, you will see it when you enter this holy place. This mosque is built by Sultan Sikandar Butshikan in 1395 CE, which is dedicated to Islamic preacher Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani. I have only one suggestion that you should visit this place to be blessed by a holy shrine.



Okay, every one after visiting a holy mosque let’s visit the capital of Jammu & Kashmir…yes you are right… Srinagar. Srinagar is one of the most popular cities in Kashmir. It is the largest city and it lies in the valley of Kashmir on the Jhelum River. The natural environment is the main reason for grabbing the attention of various tourists.

You know the gardens, waterfronts, and houseboats are also available in this city which increases the beauty of this city when you visit this city you will be amazed at various temples, lakes, mosques, and its colorful flowers with Snowy Mountain. Make sure you have a camera to capture these beautiful views.



Okay so after capturing beautiful views, now let’s visit one of the best districts called Kupwara which is located in the Kashmir region of Jammu and Kashmir. Kupwara is also considered as a “crown of Kashmir”.

The main attraction of this place was the river Kishenganga, which generally flows through the areas of the district, originating from the Himalayas.

It is been said that the people of Kashmir is depended on their agriculture and horticulture. One more thing is that there is a large number of production of means you can taste delicious walnuts there, amazing right…enjoy your walnut with calming cold air.



Kathua is one of the most beautiful cities in Kashmir. Do you ever want to know more about Sufis? Then here I’m presenting you the CITY OF SUFIS… where you can witness the culture of Sufism, not only Sufism it is also famous for its fort known as Jasrota fort and Jasmergarh Fort.

Numerous tourists were attracted to this city because of its, Mind-blowing garden, beautiful parks, and gorgeous valleys. I think it will be your first place in Kashmir that you were going to familiar with the Sufi culture. So make sure don’t miss adding this to your trip list.



After visiting cities and districts, it’s time to visit a town in Kashmir, known as Kargil. It is a town in the district of Kargil. You know one more amazing thing about Kargil is that it is the second largest town in Ladakh.

But as I know you guys, you are in love with adventures, so not only it is the second largest town but also famous for its trekking, in other words with beautiful views you can also take advantage of trekking. You can also visit nearby areas of Suru valley like Wakha Rgyal and Shergol. C’mon guys it’s Kargil is calling you, pack your bags, and get ready for the trek.



Okay everyone I think you guys might be tried, let’s find a place where you can rest and fresh your mood, bingo! I got the place… that place is Pahalgam. Pahalgam is a little town in Kashmir, the reason for choosing this city is simple, is that you can catch a glimpse of heaven, where you can enjoy yourself with your family or with your partner.

It is the best place where you can sit, relax and also can do mediate because you can witness various mountains with special Kashmiri trees which give a beautiful shape to the snowy mountain… Not only this you can also enjoy visiting nearby places like Betab and Aru Valley.

So don’t forget to include this place.



Once again we are going to visit another town called Gulmarg which is also known as “Meadow of flowers”.it is one of the most beautiful snowy hill stations in Kashmir, that you shouldn’t miss, this town is located in Pir Panjal Range in the Himalayas. You know its original name is GAURI MARG which generally means the path of Devi Gauri.

The places that you can visit in this Gauri Marg were – maharani temple, St Mary’s church, and Gulmarg Gondola. It is been believed that you can also enjoy winter sports there like- skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding, and heli-skiing. So I hope you will definitely try these winter sports.

I hope you guys enjoy this KASHMIR trip, with various exciting temples, valleys, and Snowy Mountain, make sure you visit above mentioned places… see you guys on the next trip…till then enjoy your day.

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