14 Best Places to Visit in Goa 2021

Hey guys…are you planning a summer vacation with your family friends, or with your life partner?. Then you are in the right place because I’m going to tell you about one of the most popular states which are famous for tourism in our mother country (India) i.e. “GOA”. 

What makes Goa so special?

The reason behind why goa is so special and grabs tourist attention is that you can visit fabulous beaches there, if you are a selfie lover then you can visit forts to get an amazing picture, if you are a religious person then you can visit old churches to know its magical mystery and if your adventurous person or party lover then u can do water sports and night pubs. So isn’t it interesting…I know it is.

Things that you might don’t know

There are some facts that you should know about goa is that there are two districts of goa – NORTH AND SOUTH.  

                  North GoaSouth Goa
North goa is all about nightlife, shopping and liveliness.South goa is suitable for family & all about drives, beaches. 

So in other words we can say that both districts are unique and beautiful in there own world.so you can go according to your own interest.

Best Places to visit in Goa

You guys might be wondering what are the places that can be visited so here im presenting you are the list that u can visit with gorgeous pictures..

  • Chapora fort
  • Aguada fort
  • Querium beach
  • Baga beach
  • Salim Ali sanctuary
  • Bondal wildlife sanctuary
  • Bom Jesus Basilica
  • Se cathedral
  • Tambdi surla falls
  • Grand Island
  • Palolem Beach
  • Calangute beach
  • Titos club
  • Arambol beach

1. Chapora Fort

Image Source: Instagram

If you are the type of person who loves haunting and thrilling evenings then this place will suit you best. CHAPORA fort is also famous for sunset views, one more thing that this place became popularized after the Bollywood movie “Dil Chahta Hai” and if you want to know where it is and what will be the best time to visit and to get this view. Then here it is: 

  • Location: Chapora fort road, north goa
  • Timing: 10:00am to 5:30pm

2. Aguada Fort

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Do you ever visit a lighthouse? If no then you must visit this fort. The Aguada Fort is generally famous for its lighthouse. Its side story is such that the Aguada fort is built in 1612 by the Portuguese to guard against Dutch and Marathas but later a freshwater spring within that fort provide water supply for the ships that used to stop by. That’s why there is a lighthouse and one more thing is that name “AUGADA” means watery according to the Portuguese language. Its location and time to visit are given below:

  • Location: Aguada fort road, Candolim, north goa
  • Timing: 7:00am to 6:00pm

3. Querium Beach

Image Source: Instagram

If you want to play some games in water then here it is I’m going to tell you about Querium beach.it is one of the most famous beaches in goa. The thing that makes this beach special from other beaches is that you can enjoy quit sunset view.it is also a perfect spot for picnic if you are planning for school picnic.

4. Baga beach

Image Source: Flickr

If you’re a party lover or shopaholic then you must visit Baga beach.it is also famous for parasailing. Parasailing is one of the most loving water sports in Baga Beach and if you like to see underwater scenes then you can do scuba diving, snorkeling there. Isn’t it fun…? Yes, it will be.

5. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Image Source: Instagram

If you are a bird lover then you must visit Salim ali bird sanctuary because it is a home for variety of birds. You can see birds like eagles, drongos, kingfisher not only this, it consist of 437 species of birds that you can see there. Then let’s not waste time I’m going to give you the location of that magical birds home that you are going to see so here it is the location and time also that you can see this birds

  • Location: Chorao Island, Ilhas, Ribandar, Goa 403006
  • Best time to visit this place: Throughout the year

6. Bondal Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the second most famous wildlife sanctuary is Bondal wildlife sanctuary. The special thing about this sanctuary is that it’s a natural reserve, that is if you are an nature lover then this place is best suit for you. the wildlife species that you can see in in this sanctuary are Indian Bison, Sambar Deer, Indian Peafowl, Malabar Giant Squirrel, a variety of deer and snakes. Not only this you can stay there because there is an amazing jungle resort with eco-tourism cottages so that you can be with the nature as well as you can know the importance of our mother nature.so the location and time to visit this wildlife sanctuary are given below:

  • Location: Usgao-Ganjem VP, Goa 403105
  • Best Time to visit: Recommended to visit between December and January

7. Basilica of Bom Jesus

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Bom Jesus basilica as the name suggests it is one of the oldest churches of the goa. If you are crazy explorer then I recommend you to visit this church once. Another interesting thing in this church is that you can also see there amazing art gallery named Bom Jesus Basilica art gallery which shows the work of Dom Martin, a Goan painter. This beautiful church is 108 years old and it is open for public every day. You can visit this church between 10:30am to 6:30pm.

8. Se Cathedral

Image Source: Flickr

Se cathedral de Santa catarina which is also known as se cathedral. This is another popular church that you can visit in goa. the back story of this church is that Afonsa the Portuguese ruler got victory against Muslim army. On the occasion of this he arranged a feast of saint Catherine, the cathedral is dedicated to her.one more reason for popularity of this church is that the Golden Bell which is also the largest in the state. It is open every day of the week and interesting part is that you can click pictures of this church without any restriction.

9. Tambdi Surla Falls

Image Source: Flickr

Tambdi surla falls is popular for its water falls where you can go trekking with your friends and it is located in south goa. If you are a nature lover and having a craze of trekking then you must visit this place. Tambdi surla falls Is also famous for its temple of lord mahadev. The magical think about this place is that the wildlife animals like tigers & leopards they came to drink water from the falls and to haunt small animals but they never harmed any tourist who visited that falls.

10. Grand Island

Grand Island is also known as lha Grande. The best thing about this island is that you can do scuba diving with proper instructions by experts ,not only this you can also experience fishing but of course you need to buy package for that but as I said if you are adventurous then use must visit this place and experience variety of fishes in your surroundings in underwater. This island is also known as Bat Island due to the presence of a number of bats inhabiting the place. Another best part of this island is that while boating you can spot dolphins there.

11. Palolem Beach

Image Source: Instagram

Palolem beach is one of the most loving tourist sites in goa. The unique thing about this beach is that it is in “C” Shape, it has rocks on both the end and it is consider as a clean beach. The one more interesting thing about this beach is that you can visit another beach which is attached to this beach called BUTTERFLY beach but for that you need a boat drive, in other words you need a boat to reach this butterfly beach. From that boat drive you can spot tortoise rock and it is best place for couples especially for new wedded couples to enjoy honeymoon.it is located in south goa.

12. Calangute Beach

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Calangute beach is also been considered as queen of beaches in goa. if you wanted to have some water sports thrills then you can enjoy parasailing.it is considered as a one of the most thrilling water sports activity if you don’t know about parasailing then no worries guyzz there are special agents who will guide to enjoy this water sports. Then what are you waiting for grab the vehicles enjoy this amazing beach with your loved ones.

13. Titos Club & Street

Titos Club

If you love to sing, dance or enjoy night club parties then I would recommend you to visit titos club.it is one of the most popular clubs in goa. This clubs also provide good food and water. Not only this there is an open air restaurant & space for concert so that you can enjoy concerts with different singers and perfomers.so the location and time for this is given below take a look.

  • Location: Baga, North Goa
  • Timings: 12:00 noon to 2:30 am
  • Cost for two people: ₹ 1500 (approx.)  

14. Arambol Beach


Arambol beach is also known as a Russian beach that’s why most of the tourists who visit this beach are from Russian. You might also saw huts near the beach in various movies, on the same manner you can see the huts near the beach and the best part is you can stay on that beautiful huts. Arambol beach also have lake called sweet lake and you can also do night shopping there. 

After 1km from the beach, you can see a hill where you can purchase a variety of clothes and different types of products. There is a big banyan tree near the beach on one of the hills, where you can meet localities who can entertain you in different ways but reach that tree you need to do a bit of trek I would recommend you to wear footwear suitable for a little trek. You can also enjoy night shows on the beach.

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