14 Best Places to visit in Delhi You Must Visit in 2021

Hello friends…welcoming all of you to our site. I hope you are spectacular and healthy, fit and fine, so how everything going?.. normal.. simple…boring…stress…depressed..right? if yes then I will say cheer up.. because I’m here to entertain you guys… I have planned a trip for you all… I know you guys are excited to know the place, so instead of keeping you waiting I’m going to tell you about our country’s capital..yes you guessed right it’s NEW DELHI.

Okay everybody you know very well that NEW DELHI is our capital of India, it is the place where the seat of all the three branches of the government of India, hosting the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, and the Supreme Court of India. It is inaugurated on 13 Feb 1931 by viceroy and Governor-General of India Lord Irwin.

NEW DELHI is the home of several historical spots and museums. when you visit this city you will be amazed by its heritage, art, and crafts. You know Delhi is bounded by four states which influence the lifestyle of the people of Delhi, so the states are Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab.

The foods that you shouldn’t miss in Delhi were- Paranthas, Chaat, Butter Chicken, Kebabs, Chole Bhature, Biryani, Nihari, Rolls, Momos, and Desserts. so stop mouth-watering, let’s go and have a taste.


The moment that you are waiting for is here i.e. the places that you can visit in New Delhi were-

  • Red Fort
  • India Gate
  • Humayun Tomb
  • Hauz Khas
  • Qutb Minar
  • Akshardham Temple
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Chandni Chowk
  • Jama Masjid
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • Connaught Place
  • Lotus Temple
  • Dilli Haat
  • Sarojini Nagar Market


Red Fort
Red Fort

Okay, everybody, we are going to explore one of the most famous forts of India i.e. Red fort. Red Fort is a historical fort of New Delhi, INDIA, which has been the residence of Mughal Emperors. This fort is constructed on 12 May 1638 by Anangpal Tomar.

You know, when you enter this fort you will be shocked by its amazing structure. The amazing thing about the fort is that you can witness various structures Lahori Gate, Delhi Gate, Chhatta Chowk, Naubat Khana, Diwan-i-Aam, Nahr-i-Bihisht, Mumtaz Mahal, Rang Mahal, Khas Mahal, Diwan-i-Khas, Hammam, Baoli, Moti Masjid, Hira Mahal, Hayat Bakhsh Bagh and Princes’ quarter. So make sure you have a camera to click all these amazing structures.


India Gate
India Gate

So after visiting the red fort, it’s time to give tribute to our Indian soldiers who died to save our country..confused..right?.. I mean to say that, the next place that we are going to explore is the India gate. It was formally called the All-India War Memorial.

When you visit this place you will realize that there are lots of Indian soldiers name engraved on it who died between 1914 and 1921 in the First World War, to save our country. Not only this you will find that at night the lights on the Indian gate are so fabulous that you can’t keep your eyes off. So when you visit Delhi then make sure you visit this place.


Humayun Tomb
Humayun Tomb

After giving tribute to our Indian soldiers, let’s visit another historical place called Humayun tomb. Humayun tomb is the tomb of great Mughal Emperor Humayun which was commissioned by his first wife in 1558.

It was the first garden-tomb in the Indian subcontinent. Not only the tomb you can also visit various other historical structures nearby tomb-like Tomb and mosque of Isa Khan, Afsarwala Tomb and mosque, Arab Serai, Nila Gumbad, Chillah Nizamuddin Aulia, and Barber’s Tomb. You literally going too amazed by this structure, do visit this place, don’t forget.


Hauz Khas
Hauz Khas

Okay, so another historical place we are going to explore called Hauz Khas. it is a neighborhood in south Delhi. Hauz Khas is generally famous for its Islamic architecture and its fort. Hauz Khas is named after an ancient reservoir of water. In the Urdu language, “Hauz” means “water tank” and“khas “ means “royal”, We can say ROYAL TANK.

You can also visit Hauz village which is quite famous for its shops and lodgings, so do visit and don’t forget to visit Hauz fort otherwise, you will miss some of the amazing architecture.


Qutb Minar
Qutb Minar

Okay everyone it’s time to visit one of the most famous towers called Qutb Minar. Qutb Minar is also spelled as Qutub Minar. It is a “victory tower” which forms part of the Qutb complex, called UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is located in the Mehrauli area of New Delhi, India.

You know this tower is 72.5 meters in height which makes it the tallest tower in the world, built of bricks. Yeah, I know you want to take pictures of this tower, If you want to go to the top of the Qutb Minar then you have to reach there by a spiracle staircase. You won’t believe it the view of the nearby areas of Qutb Minar is so awesome make sure you don’t miss it.


Akshardham Temple
Akshardham Temple

So after getting a fabulous picture of Qutb Minar, let’s spend some time in prayers. Yeah, you guessed right… Akshardham is one of the most magical temples of New Delhi, India. It was inaugurated on 6 November 2005.

You know “Akshardham” means the divine abode of God. When you visit this holy place you will be amazed by its structure and the sculpture of the good, not only this you will feel peace and calm.


Jantar Mantar
Jantar Mantar

Okay, guys get ready to visit another amazing architecture in the form of a sundial called Jantar Mantar. You know the word “Jantar” is derived from a yantra instrument while the “Manar” means consult or calculate. In other words, it means calculation instrument.

It is famous for its architecture and that’s why it is found to be a place of highest tourist attractions. You should also visit this place.


Chandni Chowk
Chandni Chowk

Okay after visiting all this famous architecture, it’s time for shopping. The best place for shopping in New Delhi is Chandni Chowk, which is the oldest and busiest market in OLD Delhi, remember guys I said OLD it means that OLD DELHI NOT NEW DELHI, this market is located close to Old Delhi railway station.

You will find various streets to buy different and variety of products. This market is famous for silver merchants that is why it is also known as “Silver Street”. When you visit this market then make sure you don’t get lost.


Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid

The next place that we are going to explore is the Jama Masjid, which is one of the largest Mosques in India. This mosque is built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan between 1650 and 1656.

When you enter this mosque you will be happy to visit such a holy place, that you will never forget. It is famous for its architecture, balcony, and courtyard. Make sure you visit this mosque so that you will be blessed by ALLAH.


Rashtrapati Bhavan
Rashtrapati Bhavan

Rashtrapati Bhavan means “Presidential Palace” located at the western end of Rajpath in New Delhi. It is an official residence of the President of India, it has a 340-room main building including reception halls, guest rooms, and offices. It also includes gardens large open spaces, residences of bodyguards and staff, stables, and other important offices. You can visit the Mughal garden during Udyanotsav (on February-March) it is open for public viewing.


Connaught Place
Connaught Place

One of the main financial, commercial, and business centers in New Delhi is Connaught Place. it is the main commercial area and it was designed by Robert Tor Russell. Connaught place is famous for its Georgian-style architecture.

The places where you can visit in the nearby area of Connaught place were- Agrasen ki Baoli, The Imperial New Delhi, The National Philatelic Museum, and Madame Tussauds Delhi.


Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple

The temple which won a number of architectural awards and has been featured in many newspapers and magazine articles is the Lotus temple. the best part of the lotus temple is that it is a Baháʼí House of Worship, it is a place for people of all religions to gather, reflect, and worship.

Anyone may enter the Lotus Temple irrespective of their religious background, sex, or any other reasons. In other words, it is a temple with no religious differences.


Dilli Haat
Dilli Haat

If you are trying to find an open-air market in Delhi then here I’m presenting “DILLI HAAT”.dilli haat is a paid entrance open-air market with a food plaza and craft bazaar. This market is run by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation.

Not only Indians but peoples from outside i.e. foreigners also visit this place for a bit of shopping. Dilli Haat is famous for its culture and its mind-blowing environment. you can purchase rosewood, sandalwood carvings, gems, beads, brassware, metal crafts, and silk & wool fabrics So make sure you visit this market to enjoy the environment and culture of this market.


Sarojini Nagar Market
Sarojini Nagar Market

If you are not satisfied with “DILLI HAAT”, then here is another famous market in New Delhi, called Sarojini Nagar Market. It is a market where you can purchase clothes at cheap rates. The clothes which were selling are generally for daily basis. You can also purchase various fancy and party wear clothes at cheap rates, so if you are a shopaholic and looking for a market where you can purchase clothes at a cheaper rate then this place is the best to suit you.


Okay everyone we are at the end of the New Delhi trip. I hope you will enjoy the trip and explore the above-mentioned places in a fully energetic and happy manner. I hope I see you on another trip. Wishing you a HAPPY JOURNEY…

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