Top 10 Best Places to visit in Chhattisgarh 2021

Places to visit in Chhattisgarh – Hey folks… what’s up? I hope you guys are doing brilliant work in your life. So winter is on the way and winter vacation is also there … I don’t expect you guys to sit at home, watching boring movies and serials. I have a better idea regarding this winter vacation, How about a trip? I know you guys won’t deny it… okay just try to guess the name of that state, this state got its name because of its thirty-six forts. Any idea? If not then I’ll tell you, this state is been called Chhattisgarh. Okay so without wasting more time let’s know a bit about Chhattisgarh.

Okay, so Chhattisgarh is the ninth largest state in is been considered as a center of progress and development of various cultures and one more thing is that this state is the 17th most populated state of India. This state also has a various ancient and historical site, waterfalls, palaces, and carved temples which is so magical.

Okay everyone it’s time to know more about this state like what are the famous foods in Chhattisgarh, so here we go- Muthia, Aamat, Chila, Bhajia, Sabudana ki Khichdi, Bara, Faraa and Tilgur of Til k Ladoo. When you visit this state I think you guys must taste these famous foods of this beautiful state.

Okay, it’s time for some dance steps… I mean to say let’s get to know a bit about folk dances, so here it is-Saila Dance, Karma Dance, Sua Nacha, Pandavani, Panthi Dance, Raut Nacha, Jhirliti, Gendi, and Rahas Dance. So when you visit this place you will witness these folk dances.


So the most interesting thing that you guys were waited, yes… the places that we are going to explore in Chhattisgarh were listed below, have a look.

  • Chitrakot Waterfalls (Bastar)
  • Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bhoramodeo Temple (Kabirdham)
  • Tirathgarh Falls
  • Kanger Valley National Park
  • MM Fun City (Raipur)
  • Maître Bagh (Bhilai)
  • Sirpur
  • Mainpat
  • Danteshwari Temple (Bastar)


Chitrakoot Waterfalls

So here we start our trip with a water splash! Yes, you guessed right… Chitrakoot waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Chhattisgarh. This waterfall is located around 38 km Jagdalpur, in Bastar district. It is also spelled as Chitrakot.

The best part of this waterfall is that, when you visit this waterfall, you will witness the beautiful sound of the water which flows downwards. Not only you can go near the waterfall by paying by boat, it will take you closer to the waterfall. But yeah of course it also depends on the density of the water. You can also play in the water without any time restriction. Even you can take a room at the nearby resort.

Guys, I personally recommend you to visit this waterfall.


Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Okay everybody after having a water splash! Let’s give some time to our wildlife… yes guys it’s time to visit a popular wildlife sanctuary called Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is located in the Mahasamund district.

Not only wildlife you can visit nearby places like – Dhaskund waterfall Lakshman Temple, Surang Tila Temple, Nandanvan Garden, Sirpur Group of Monuments, and Siddhakhol Waterfall.
Guys visit these above-mentioned places you will be amazed by their architecture.


Bhoramdev Temple
Bhoramdev Temple

So after visiting a national park, let’s thank god for giving this life to explore various cities… yes the next place that we are going to explore is one of the famous temples of Chhattisgarh called Bhoramdeo Temple. This magical temple is situated on Chouragaon is around 18 km away from Kawardha.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is famous for its amazing architecture, which will make you think that how this temple is made perfectly without advanced technology.
I would recommend you guys to visit this magical temple so that you can be blessed with Shiva.


Tirathgarh Fall
Tirathgarh Fall

Seeing your excitement of waterfalls, here I’m presenting you with another famous waterfall in Chhattisgarh called Tirathgarh Falls. This waterfall is located at a distance of around 35 km of Jagdalpur.

The best part of this Tirathgarh waterfall is that you can be friendly with monkeys… yes you read correctly… In Tirathgarh, you can see numerous monkeys jumping here there because this waterfall is surrounded by mountains having trees on it … but a free trip for you all make sure if you have any snacks, then hold it tightly otherwise monkeys will snatch them.

So I hope you will visit this waterfall to explore this waterfall and make sure you have cameras.


Kanger Valley National Park
Kanger Valley National Park

So after visiting a gorgeous waterfall, let’s visit a national park, what do you say? … yeah that’s right, the next place that we are going to explore is a national park called Kanger Valley National Park. This park is located around 27 km from Jagdalpur.

This national park is famous for its biodiversity, landscape, and waterfall. You know in this national park you can witness a number of species of animals and birds.

The nearby places that you can visit in this national park were Kotumsar Caves, Kailash Caves, Bhainsa Darha, Kanger Dhara, and Dandak Cave.

So guys don’t miss this opportunity, just go for it.


MM Fun City Raipur
MM Fun City Raipur

Okay everybody after visiting a National Park let’s have some fun at an amusement park called MMFUNCITY. This amusement park is located in Baktara Village, on Godhi Road, Raipur.

It is one of the largest amusement parks in Chhattisgarh, it is famous for its entertainment spot, including various adventure rides, that will make you Goosebumps. There are various rides available for everyone, like family, children and have restaurants for having delicious meals.

So what are you waiting for just booked the tickets for it.


Maitri Bagh Zoo Bhilai
Maitri Bagh Zoo Bhilai

After having fun on various rides, it’s time to visit one of the famous zoos called Maître Bagh. This Zoo is located in Maroda Sector, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

In this park, you will witness various types of wildlife animals and birds like alligators, peacocks, python, white tiger,s and much more. Not only animals you can you also enjoy parks there having beautiful flowers in a different color, you can do a bit of boating, there is a tower inside where you can take selfies, you can ride on also ride on a toy train. At night you can enjoy a water show which is so beautiful.

Just go for it guys, but also yeah you need to pay for the entry as an entry fee.



So after witnessing the water show in maître bagh it’s time to visit a small village called Sirpur which is located in Chhattisgarh around 35 km away from Mahasamund.

This village is famous for its various historical temples and trusts me you guys goanna love the architecture of that temples. The places that you can explore in the Sirpur were Teevardev Mahavihara, Surang Tila, Ananda Prabhu Vihara, and Laxman Temple.

Guys visit these places that I mentioned above, you will be considered lucky for this visit.



Here it is everyone I’m presenting to you another village called Mainpat. This village is located around 55 km from Ambikapur(by road). This village is also a hill station.

In this village, you can witness various waterfalls, various sunset points, fabulous temples, caves, and monasteries. you can explore different places like- Dhakpo Monastery, Tibet Refugee Camp, Tiger PointMachali Point, Bouncing LandTatapani Mahamaya Temple, Parpatiya, and Jogimara Caves.

So don’t overthink guys, just explore this village.


Danteshwari Temple
Danteshwari Temple

Okay, my friends, it’s time to thank god for this beautiful life, for this I’m presenting to you one of the most famous temples called Dhanteshwari Temple. This temple is located in Dantewada, which is a town around 80 km away from Jagdalpur Tehsil.

This temple is dedicated to goddesses Danteshwari, which is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas (shrine of Shakti).you will be amazed by its architecture and its way of rituals.

I hope you guys visit this temple so that you can be blessed by Dhanteshwari.

So here it is guys we are ending our trip… I hope you enjoyed the trip… see you then on the next trip… till then take yourself and your family… HAPPY JOURNEY.

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